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Brake System Service

Service Interval: 50,000 km


Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • spongy brake pedal
  • corrosion of brake parts
  • gradual loss of brake function

This service replaces the contaminated fluid and inspects the following:

  • leaks
  • master cylinder corrosion
  • worn pneumatic parts
  • harmful varnish buildup
  • broken or rusted bleeder valves
  • worn rotors and drums
  • air in the brake lines

 Once this service is performed, you will notice:

  • safe, reliable operation
  • corrosion prevention
  • extended component life






  • "Trevor, Brenda and the whole team at Trio are experts who always do what's best for your car. They are honest and the most helpful mechanics I have ever met!!! I recommend Trio to everyone I know with a car. They are fast, reliable and will always do an awesome job!!!!!"  -S. Stone
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